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Nine Planner Types Based off of Enneagram Personalities

Posted by Rachel Novak on

Have you ever wondered how your personality type translates to your planning style?  Answers below!


Is rational and idealistic. They use their planners with purpose. They are very organized and intentional about their planner. They are often afraid to start because they don’t want to mess it up. They like perfection and will often use a pencil or erasable pen. 


Is caring and a people pleaser. They will often share how they use their planner in our group and offer tips. They are very possessive of their planner and the time they use to plan. 


Is goal-oriented. They can often be spotted because they will simultaneously use both our classic Christian Planner and our Faith & Focus goal planner. They understand their accomplishments have no bearing on their worth as an individual. 


Is sensitive and expressive. Will often use their planners as a journal. They are fans of mood trackers, pretty stickers, and enjoy decorating their planners. They love beauty. They often combine our classic planner and a Daily Prayer Journal. 


Is intense, and will use their planner to schedule everything. They initially spent a lot of time comparing our planners to determine which planner would be best for them. 


Was initially skeptical of our product; because how could a paper planner help you on your Christian walk? Now they are our BIGGEST fans and can often be seen gifting our Christian Planners to everyone they can. They anxiously wait for our BIG crowd funding presale which happens at the beginning of August every year so they can take advantage of the best prices on our yearly planners to help with their gift-giving.  


Have often been described as scattered brains. They will start a planner and then stop and then restart and then stop, until eventually they make planning a habit and become the MOST organized planner you will meet. They are also enthusiastic about sharing our planners with other people they know who need help in the scheduling department. 


Will oftentimes be found telling other users who are concerned about “messing up” their planners to “dive in” and make it their own. They are not afraid to take a permanent marker or paint to the covers of their planners to make them unique. 


Is easygoing. They use their planners for whatever they desire. They are confident in who they are and what their values are. 

To learn more about enneagrams check out The Enneagram Institute


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