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Washi Tape

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Washi Tape

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Washi tape has a solid place amidst the avid planners toolset. We set out to create a washi tape option that complimented Christ-centered planning. These inspirational and fun patterns will brighten up your planner and your soul!!

If you haven't used washi tape before, or are unsure of how you could use it in your planner, consider the following:

  • Section out portions of your day using a strip of thin washi tape
  • Create a border around especially inspiring notes / scriptures
  • Outline the weekly calendar to give each spread a brighter personal touch
  • Tape in cutouts and other pieces of paper so they can live next to you plans and notes.
  • There are limitless ways to use washi tape, for more ideas and inspiration, come visit the Christian Planner Family on Facebook.

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