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Are you ready to elevate your faith, focus on your goals, and deepen your relationships?The Everyday Faith Bundle is your all-in-one solution, combining essential tools to ignite your spiritual journey and personal growth in 2024.

Ignite Your Journey

What's Inside:

2024 Planner: Stay organized and inspired throughout the year with our beautifully crafted 2024 planner. Accomplish your goals and keep Christ at the center.

Faith & Focus 90-Day Planner:
Take control of your goals and dreams with our 90-day planner to enhance your focus, productivity, and spiritual discipline. You can break down your goals into actionable steps and stay accountable for your journey.

Daily Prayer Journal: Cultivate a deeper connection with God through daily prayers, gratitude moments, and reflections. Our prayer journal provides a sacred space for spiritual conversations and personal growth.

Peace Be Still Devotional Deck: 50 Scripture Cards to help you stay calm in the chaos. Wooden stand included.

Why Choose
the Everyday faith Bundle:

Holistic Growth: Seamlessly integrate your spiritual life, goals, and relationships for holistic growth and fulfillment.

Focused Accountability: Stay on track with your spiritual and personal goals through structured planning and accountability tools.

Deepened Connections: Foster deeper connections with God and your loved ones through intentional prayer, reflection, and shared experiences.

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Everyday faith

With over 600,000 copies sold, and a Facebook Group of 70,000 community members, you'll connect with other Christians aiming to keep Christ at the center.

Ignite Your Journey