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A Note to our Christian Planner Family, Delays in Shipping + Communication

A Note to our Christian Planner Family, Delays in Shipping + Communication

Posted by Nicole Olea on

To our amazing and loyal Christian Planner Family,
Today we’re writing to everyone that has recently ordered, has an order in process or transit – especially for those of you with orders that feel like they’ve been in process or transit forever with no update or response: we wanted to let you know that your inquiries are not being ignored. We promise.
This holiday season was unprecedented in many ways, which have contributed to backlogs with our shipping partners, and further, with the shipping carriers – USPS, UPS, DHL, FedEx, etc.
Christian Planner is a small, family owned business composed of a surprisingly small team. Our entire Happiness Team is composed of 2 outstanding core team members, along with Ivette & Nicole who jump in to provide additional support. Every request is reviewed and answered by one of us.
Our 2 core Happiness team members, Jennifer and Roda, are working hard to respond to inquiries about shipping that currently total around 4,000 emails. Each day they have been able to chip away at this number, but with our partner and carrier delays ongoing, the amount of new inquiries – including some multiple inquiries on the same order from different email addresses – is continuing to add to this backlog.
At this time we want to ask anyone specifically with shipping related inquiries to please refrain from sending additional emails or leaving comments on our social platforms asking about your order. It is not because we don’t care!
Rather, the time it takes to respond to these duplicate requests is slowing down our team’s overall progress and ends up taking time away from solving true issues.
As a small business, we strive to give our customers the absolute best care and service we can. You are dear to us, we appreciate and pray for you. We wouldn’t be here without you! We would never ignore you.
If you’ve written in, we will respond, and if you ordered a planner from us, you will receive it.
We feel blessed to serve our customers in a manner that leaves them feeling respected and uplifted. We are sorry if you’re not feeling that way right now. We want every interaction you have with our company to feel like a hug because you are family to us. We’re asking for your continued patience and grace as we work to resolve any issues you have.
Your Christian Planner Family