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Who Are We?

We create tools that help busy Christians like you achieve your dreams by keeping Christ at the center of your daily life. We all have busy lives and sometimes we lose sight of Christ. You need to make it to your son’s soccer game by 5 pm, have dinner on the table for your family in an hour, wait a minute, can you squeeze in a 30-minute workout before you finish up the presentation you have to give at work tomorrow? You got this – did you forget anything? The Christian Planner helps you to stay on top of your daily routines, focus on your long-term goals, and take time to keep Christ at the center of your life.

How We Started

Victor Delacruz is the creator of The Christian Planner. After 4 years of military service, Victor moved to Manhattan to attend graduate school at NYU, and also, to chase his dreams as a jazz musician. The pressures of the Big Apple quickly got to him and depression soon followed. The anxiety caused by the pressure to be successful was suffocating. He was lost. Victor created the Christian Planner as a way to schedule time with God in his own routine. He quickly realized that including Christ in his daily goal-setting, planning and journaling routine made him more productive, more focused and less prone to stress and anxiety. He decided to start Christian Planner to help other Christians put Christ at the center of their daily routines and experience the same benefits he did.

Our Founders

Victor is a former youth minister and Air Force Officer and is the creator of the Christian Planner. Creating the Christian Planner has been an incredible journey. He never imagined the Christian Planner would get as large as it’s gotten and is grateful to have been part of it every step of the way. Melissa Bezas Delacruz has been with the Christian Planner from the beginning as the Chief Creative Officer. She's Greek Orthodox and, having also felt the pressures of living in New York City, uses the Christian Planner as a way to balance Christ into her everyday life and to stay on a positive path.