An Easter Offering Each Week - Free Gift

An Easter Offering Each Week - Free Gift

This season brings much reflection and introspection. Today we're reflecting on the walk to Emmaus as recorded in the Gospel of Luke (Luke 24:13-35). Jesus, resurrected yet unrecognized, listens to the despair of his companions before expounding on the scriptures to them. It shows us that he meets us where we are. He listens to our grief and doubt, then humbly reveals divine truth. He gives us what we need when we despair, hope. Arriving at Emmaus, His friends request that He spend the evening with them. Then Jesus breaks bread and reveals Himself as the risen Lord.  

Jesus always meets His followers wherever they are, eager to teach and to heal.

In the coming weeks, we thought it might help you find the joy of our risen Lord to receive a fun scripture coloring page and a wallpaper for your smartphone. Starting today and for the next six weeks be sure to check your email for these Christ-centered gifts! 

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We sincerely hope you enjoy them. 

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