Valentine's Ideas

Valentine's Ideas

Valentines Day… whether you love it or hate it, it’s happening. The commercialization of this day can sometimes get in the way of appreciating it, but with the right activities, you and your loved ones can find new ways to show and receive love on Valentine’s Day that have nothing to do with candy hearts and roses.

Here are some ideas you can do to feel Christ’s love in your life:

  • Consider putting your phone away for a few hours. Spend that time in conversation with a real person and see what happens. You’ll probably find that spending time together isn’t so bad. Really, when was the last time you went a whole day without checking Social Media? How did that feel?
  • Head outside and take in some fresh air! Go for a walk and take in the beauty of the world created for you. If one is accessible, consider planning a visit to a national or state park! They’re beautiful—and often offer spectacular views.
  • Gather as a family or friends and tell stories about what love means to you.
  • Serve others around you!
    • Make a meal for someone.
    • Heart attack a door… cut out paper hearts, write kind things on them, and tape them to the door of someone you know.
    • Write a handwritten letter to someone.
    • Take a treat to someone and tell them something you love about them.
  • Go out to dinner with your family as a celebration of the love you share with each other!
  • Express your love in a classic way – give someone you love a hug :)
  • Take a trip down memory lane and share your favorite memories of loved ones with them in person or on social media. 
  • Treat someone you love with breakfast in bed.
  • Take time to thank God for the love you have felt in your life.

As you express yourself, we hope you’ll consider the meaning of your words. You can greatly impact the life of those around you with the words you use. Perhaps you’ve felt the positive and negative weight of the words people have used with you. Read more of our thoughts on words in another new blog post: Wonderful Words

We pray this year you feel the love around you, how special you are in the lives of others, and are able to both give and receive love. Most importantly, we hope you feel God’s love for you.