Your Dose of Planner Inspiration As Seen In Our Facebook Group

Your Dose of Planner Inspiration As Seen In Our Facebook Group

It's bound to happen, you begin your planner with a gust of energy, and then sometime later, life maybe gets a little hectic, you don't carve out the time to plan your week, or a child gets sick, then suddenly you find yourself feeling low with several blank pages in your planner.

If this is you, it's okay. Do not be discouraged. We've all been there.
The thing is, there's no reason why you can't begin again. If you need some inspiration for your spreads to get you motivated to pull out your pen and get to planning, here are a few pages as seen in our Facebook Group this month.
Consider this your friendly reminder that artistry is not needed. All you need is something to write with; this is YOUR time to plan, focus on your goals, and spend intentional time with the Word and our Lord.
This is YOUR planner, and unless you share your pages, no one is going to see it but you.
We do love it when you share your pages with us!

… although we REALLY do love it when you share your pages with us. 😉


This weekly spread creatively uses stickers to add color and visual interest. 

Christian Planner weekly spread

Here are a few examples of using the planner for scripture writing and journaling. This is a great way to use up space for the periods when you didn't use your planner. 

Many of us set the goal to read the Bible over the course of a year, this is a cool way to mark your progress in your planner. 

Bible in a Year

For those of you who use the Faith & Focus, check out these cool pages. We especially like these for their simplicity. You needn't be "artsy" to add color and beauty to your pages. 

Faith & Focus


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