Giveaway Winners Announcement

Giveaway Winners Announcement


We have the announcement of the 100 winners who will receive 10 black 2020 Christian Planners!

Before we list our winners, we just want to tell you how thrilled and excited we were with all the entries. We were so blessed by your testimonials, reviews and referrals to the contest. 

Thank you so much!

Listed below are the 100 winners chosen at random.
(Winners to be updated by 6PM EST on 9/10/19)

If your name is listed below, please follow these directions:

  1. Winners MUST RESPOND BY Friday, September 20, 2019 at 11:59 PM PST to be eligible to claim their prize

  2. Email us at with the email address you used to enter the contest

  3. In the subject put: 1000 Planner Giveaway Winner

  4. In the body, please send your Shipping Address so we can mail your prize out ASAP


Amos, Robin (Stuart)
Angerosa, Andrea 
    Baker, Mary (Houston)
    Bartkowski, Karen 
    Becker, Wendi 
    Becker, Lana (Indianapolis)
    Breland, Kelly (Columbia)
    Brunk, Virginia (Brashear)
      Carper, Gloria (Akron)
      Champion-Lambert, Anne (Wesley Chapel)
      Clayton, Lynda 
      Collins, Janice (Marietta)
      Cook, Sandra (Sanford)
      Cooper, Jena (Colorado Springs)
        Davies, Rene (Tucson)
        Denny, Johanna (Swansea)
        Dent, James A. (Tacoma)

          Elmore, Cathy (Newport News)
            Fabrizio, Thomas (Simi Valley)
            Flanders, Gwen (Fort Mill)
              Gillett, Jennifer (San Antonio)
              Glasser, Lori (Atascosa)
              Green, Melody A. 
              Green, Tommy 
              Greenawalt, Christine (Frederick)
              Grigsby, Kris (Middletown)
              Guess, Kasi (Raleigh)
                Haiduck, Romilda (Stratford)
                Hampton, Sandra (South Holland)
                Hampton, Tiffany (Clarksville)
                Hansen, Susie (Pittsburg)
                Hay, Stacey (Connellsville)
                Heer, John (Niagara Falls)
                Henderson, Jessica (Overland Park)
                Hershberger, Glenda (Mountain View)
                Hill, Teresa (Raleigh)
                Holt, Vicki (Valley View)
                Huffman, Deb (Shepherdsville)

                  Jackson, Vagillia (McDonough)
                  Jaedecke, Carolyn (Tucson)
                  Janksy, Linda (Pansacola)
                  Jenkins, Deborah (Mechanicsburg)
                  Johnson, Victoria (Old Bridge)
                  Johnson, Brenda (Purvis)
                  Johnson, Jacqueline (Newark)
                  Johnson, Sean (Gainesville)
                  John, Amy St. (Laconia)
                    Karr, Kimberly (Lancaster)
                    Kevorkov, Kelly (Landisville)
                    Kruse, Terri (Pryor)
                      Lahey, Mary-Anne (Edmonton)
                      Lee, Deborah (Coarsegold)
                        Madewell, Leah Ann (Killeen)
                        Maumee, Edna Lombardi
                        Mays, Traci (Morganstown)
                        McMaster, Denise (Foresthill)
                        Meyer, Dana (Mexico)
                        Minassian, Judi (Denton)
                        Mills, Donna (Tysons Corner)
                        Montague, Juliea (Hastings)
                        Moore, Kimberly (Bloomfield)
                        Moore, Doreen (New Orleans)
                        Mulhall, Meaghan 
                        Mulholland, Ann (Philadelphia)
                        Muller, Ivette (El Paso)
                        Murray, Duane 
                          Nelson, Dawn (Forest Lake)
                          Nolen, Lora
                            O'campo, Diana (Richmond)
                            O'Dowd, Julia (Basking Ridge)
                            Olguin, Abel (San Antonio)
                              Pepe, Amy (Zelienople)
                              Perkins-Major, Maura (Detroit)
                              Procell, Margaux (Pleasantville)
                              Procter, Kenya (Fayetteville)
                                Quaka, Jessica (Belvidere)
                                  Ray, Kristy (Anderson)
                                  Redmond, Linda (Jefferson City)
                                  Rindeikis, Lee Ann 
                                  Ritter, Diane (Baltimore)
                                  Robertson, Debbi (Fort Worth)
                                  Roman, Jamie (Kissimmee)
                                    Schwenneker, Kerry (Abbotsford)
                                    Sevigny, Dean (Seattle)
                                    Small, Sara (Hot Springs)
                                    Smith, Diana (Jacksonville)
                                    Smith, Lori Aldridge (Pelham)
                                    Spurr, Wanda (Kuna)
                                    Stanfield, Rebecca (Charleston)
                                    Stewart, Jenifer (Loganville)
                                    Stroud, Penny (Memphis)
                                    Surratt, Theresea (Thomasville)
                                      Thompson, Jackie (Stockbridge)
                                      Tolle, Tristan (Muscatine)

                                        Victoria (Chattanooga)
                                          Wagner, Betty (Mokena)
                                          Ward, Toni L (Turlock)
                                          Westhoff, Angela (Kansas City)
                                          Wheeland, Vicky (Phoenix)


                                            Zismer, Amanda (Saint Joseph)

                                               Victor Delacruz & The Christian Planner Team 




                                              Elaine Snow
                                              Elaine Snow

                                              I am a recipient of a 2020 (first planner ever) gifted purple planner. I also found a way to gift one and bought the sticker book too.💖😊
                                              Since receiving my planner, I began to be more hopeful about my relationship with God, and have been praying more! I even felt so encouraged that I began a daily devotional time with a new friend to get into the habit in preparation of utilizing my Christian Family Planner (PURPLE !!!)
                                              I am quite anxious about growing and developing more in Christ in 2020.
                                              This planner gives so much organizational structure that I need and am looking forward to experiencing each and every Day! I already feel it has enlightened me in some very thought provoking areas just by thinking about the vision board.
                                              I whole-heartedly believe that I now have a devine appointment with God waiting for me each and every day in 2020 because my Christian Family PURPLE (lol)planner is going to be a God sent tool for reaching my goals and has given me a 30,000 member family community as well.
                                              I can’t thank my gifter enough for changing my life. I can’t thank you enough for this well designed and wonderful planner. I thank God for it, for you, for the support you offer, for this community, and for the opportunity to be God focussed in many more areas of my life.
                                              THANK YOU!!!

                                              Luis Uribe
                                              Luis Uribe

                                              Is your planner available in Spanish? If not now, when? Can I help?

                                              Karin Lynn-Hill
                                              Karin Lynn-Hill

                                              So happy for y’all . . . I’ve been so blessed over the years with my planners, I KNOW you will be too!

                                              ENJOY YOUR JOURNEY!!!

                                              Sandra Wimbley
                                              Sandra Wimbley

                                              Well I didn’t win be I purchased three last year. I am truly enjoying my book. Maybe I will win next time. Be Blessed!

                                              Nicol Young
                                              Nicol Young

                                              Congrats to all the winners. I really wanted to be one of the winners and bless others with one of the beautiful planners. Maybe next time. GOD Bless you All. Thank you Christian Planner for blessing the winners with the planners so that they may be able to bless other.

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