2022 Inventory is Here!

2022 Inventory is Here!

It’s here! It’s here! Our 2022 inventory is finally here and in stock! If you pre-ordered a 2022 planner, we are working around the clock to get them shipped out to you and in your hands! We are hoping to get every pre-order fulfilled and shipped out by sometime next week. 

If you haven’t ordered your 2022 planner yet, but want to, now is the perfect time! We are thrilled that they have arrived after much anticipation and we can’t wait for you to see the new features and changes that we have added this year! 

If you aren't sure of the new changes that we made to the 2022 planner, let me do a quick recap for you: 

Higher Quality: 

Our 2022 Christian Planner has a new cover material! It’s made with material that has  a bible-like feel, it’s stain free, water resistant and dirt resistant. We also have made the pages thicker than the past planners, so you can use whatever writing tools you want! 

Also, taking your suggestions, we made the ink darker - making it a true black ink with higher contrast so you can read better when in low light. 

Brand New Colors: 

Our limited edition colors for this year are: Poppy Red, Dark Grey, Ultra Violet (Spiral).

The light grey will now be the dark grey, and then Soft Pink will now be a darker pink. We no longer offer the Hunter Green color. 

Fantastic New Box: 

Want to know the best part about the new box? It’s beautiful and absolutely gift ready! 

It’s great for displaying, and/or keeping your planner safe during the year. Plus you can use it and as a keepsake box for your planner once you’re done using it!

Revised Interior:

We understand that not everyone is familiar with the inside of the planner. If you’re a new purchaser or follower, we are SO glad you’re here! Here are a couple features to help you get the most of your planner. 

1. Vision Board

The Vision board helps you brainstorm goals and dreams so you can focus on them. The Bucket List keeps track of the things you really want to happen so you can make them a reality!

2. Devotional Space

The Weekly Devotional is a two-page spread before Sunday each week designed to guide you on your Christian walk throughout the year. There's even space for Sermon Notes and journaling to help you start your week in the right mindset.

3. Weekly Spread

Break down each day by the hour or block your life out at a high-level. The weekly layout is great for planning and getting things done!

4. Habit Tracker

Take back your day and live a well-balanced life with Christ at the center! The Daily Habit Tracker helps you stay on top of what's important to you. Whether it's prayer, checking in on loved ones or performing acts of kindness, the tracker will help you stay accountable to what is most important to you.

5. Verses for Inspiration

Inspiration is close at hand with bible verses along the top of each weekly layout. You may not always have scripture open before you, but your one step closer to life integrated with Christ when His word is embedded in your planner!