New Add-ins

New Add-ins

Wondering how to get the financial planner and coloring pages back in your 2022 Christian Planner? We know many of you miss these pages in the planner this year, so we’ve created the pages in a print-out ready pdf format so that you can customize your planner just the way you want! 

Newly sized and available for download!

  • Coloring Pages from the 2021 Christian Planner
  • The Financial Tracker
  • The Class Schedule

Adding them to your planner is simple.

  1. Download the pdfs here.
  2. Print them out on your choice of paper. We recommend something a little thicker than standard printer paper.
  3. Cut out content. Use the dashed lines as a guide to ensure a good fit.
  4. Add your new page to your planner!

There are many ways to include these pages in your planner. Some of our favorite ways to insert the pages into the planner are: 

  • Rubber Cement
  • Glue Dots
  • Washi Tape

Do you have a way that you add pages? Join the conversation and get new ideas in the Facebook group! You can join the group HERE!

Download the add-in pages here!