Community Infographic Results

In August we polled the group to get an idea of what people were thinking about 2022. We thought it would be fun to share some of the insights as we end 2021 and dive into 2022! 

Here are some of the key words on the minds of the Family. What words are central to your plans for 2022? Need help thinking of a meaningful word, try our word generator!

We asked how far ahead people typically plan and the overwhelming majority plan 4+ weeks in advance! I suppose we are Christian Planners!

When it comes to getting things done in the planner, the writing tools of choice are ballpoint and gel pens. Not a huge surprise, but interesting that those are about equal in popularity.

With a good set of features in the planner, we were excited to learn that most people are most looking forward to the devotional space in the planner. That speaks to your priorities, we’re thrilled that the Christian Planner is a helpful tool in capturing what you learn during sermons and scripture study!

It seems that during the week most of the family use the planner sporadically throughout the day rather than any set time. To stay on track it’s important to have ready reminders of what the task at hand is, and what your priorities are. We hope you do use the planner as a consistent reminder of what is important to you!

Thank you for participating in our family. We’re eager to serve you and all Christians in keeping Christ at the center of life. It seems you are on the same mission, nearly half the survey participants said they have gifted a planner or plan to gift one! That is incredible! Please keep serving and lifting, together we help spread the love and light of Christ to the world!