How to Prepare for Lent? A few things to consider

How to Prepare for Lent? A few things to consider

In our 2021 planner you’ll find a Christian calendar that describes Lent as a period of time when we "get to travel with Jesus toward his death." We reflect how during the time leading up to Jesus' crucifixion, he is under constant attack, yet, he ministers effectively to the crowds. Lent follows the gathering storm. For many Christians, it begins on Ash Wednesday, six-and-a-half weeks before Easter; includes Palm Sunday, and ends at Sunset on the Thursday of Holy Week. 

As we begin this period of reflection, start by asking yourself: How do I want to act while we prepare for Christ's death and resurrection? 

Explore parts of your life where your behaviors may need some modification or where you feel a lack of peace. 

Is your life and body in constant motion? Is there a lot of noise around you? Perhaps you would benefit from more quiet and periods of reflection? Do you need to be more open to God’s plans for your life? Have you not been fully present for the people who mean the most to you? Do you need to get back to your Bible? Do you need to offer yourself more grace, be more forgiving of your fallible humanness? Do you need to step into being brave; to living and dreaming God-sized dreams?  

Beginning today, and leading up to Easter, use these three reflections as a way to sit in prayer with God. 
  • Sit quietly and humbly ask God to help you discern what you need. Not materially, but spiritually. 
  • Next, spend some time reflecting on your life, and ask God to show you what aspects of your life bring joy to Him. You are a child of God. Your relationship with Him is deeply personal, and as such, when you sin, it pains him, but when you show others kindness, grace, and love, it brings his heart immeasurable joy. Ask God to open your heart to more ways that will contribute to His joy and subsequently, your happiness. 
  • Sit quietly and reflect on what sacrifices you can offer up to God. For example, are you in pain? Is there something you question God about or struggle with? This practice can be difficult, and you may not get there, but try to leave your concerns at the feet of Christ and think of another soul who has not yet found Him, ask God to use you to bring more people to His kingdom. 

Over the coming weeks we will dive into a deeper discussion on joy and how choosing joy during lent can help you grow in your relationship with God.