Pastor Appreciation Day is Approaching: 5 Tips to Show Them You Care

Pastor Appreciation Day is Approaching: 5 Tips to Show Them You Care

On the second Sunday of every October we celebrate our pastors as Paul in his letter to Timothy instructed us to do, He said, “Let the elders who rule well be considered worthy of double honor, especially those who labor in preaching and teaching.” 1 Timothy 5:17 (ESV) Which makes us ask… How do we honor our pastors? What can we do to show them we appreciate them? 

As Pastor Appreciation Day approaches on 10/11/2020, here are some tips our team came up with to help you show your appreciation of your pastor. We'd love to hear what you think and add to the discussion. Please share your ideas in the comments. 


Pray for your pastor. The most significant way you can show your pastor appreciation is to pray for them. Wrap them up in prayer and ask God to help them remain devoted to the flock and to sharing the Gospel. You may tell them directly that they are in the forefront of your prayers or you can keep it to yourself. Ask God to keep them strong in their faith and to shine His light through them so that they can be a beacon to not only Christians but to those who’ve not yet come to Christ.

Pastors are People Too! 

As much as you feel comfortable, be sure to include your pastor in church events and even to your private celebrations outside of church. Do you have something in common with your pastor? For example do you both enjoy sports or love chocolate cake, finding something you have in common with your pastor will help you understand that they are a person just like you.

Volunteer in Ministry

Leading a congregation is a lot of work, and as the saying goes, many hands make that work light. Volunteering is a wonderful way to show how much you appreciate them and the work your church is doing.

Show your Appreciation with A Small Gift

Many pastors work long hours not only with the tasks of leading a church, through the outreach or ministerial duties such as attending to the sick, counseling members in crisis. Bringing your pastor a gift of an apple or a card signed by members of your church is a simple way to show you care.

Help Them Be More Organized

Help them keep organized. Next week (10/12/2020 - 10/18/2020) we’re launching a group challenge where we’ll be giving away our premium leather planners. Our leather planners are a wonderful gift for a pastor, and we'll be picking 10 people to win one per day. You can only win if you participate in teh challenge, so be sure to not miss your opportunity to win and join our private Facebook group today.