Using the weekly layout!

Using the weekly layout!

The Christian Planner is designed around a weekly layout. Weekly layouts provide a framework for organizing your life in a variety of different ways. You can keep track of your schedule by listing out the times and locations for your commitments. It's also a great layout for setting weekly goals, writing down notes of things you want to remember or things that happened that day. 

We asked our Christian Planner family what their favorite part about the weekly planner was and here are some of their responses:

  • It allows me to put details about appointments in and not just the day and time.”
  • “YOUR planner is the ABSOLUTE best!!! The weekly pages are CONSTANTLY used for EVERYTHING in my life:I color code for Ministry, Business/ Financial, Personal, Travel, Growth & Health. Helps keep my life on track .. and LOVE the daily habit tracker.”
  • “I use this planner as my Bible study personal journal. My calendar and date book are more for family. I like the weekly set up because I can see the flow from day to day. If I see a theme it’s even more beautiful to me. I like the sermon note pages first because if God speaks to me on Sunday I can carry it thru the week.”
  • “I use the weekly layout more than any other part of my planner. I love it! It had appts. or events listed. It’s where I track my “to-done” list. I was just looking at some of my older planners and seeing what we were up to during different times of that year. This is the spread where I decorate with stickers and stencils too. And I love the habit trackers & connect those to the goals from the page in the front of the planner. I’m excited to have 9 again.”

You can see more responses here!

We encourage everyone to use it as a place where the Lord can get involved in their life by including prayers, inspiration and other spiritual reminders that keep them centered on Christ.