We're Here For You!

We're Here For You!

Thank you for being part of the Christian Planner family! Because of you, we are able to do what we love everyday. Christian Planner wouldn't be the same company without the support of the Christian Planner family.

How is the end of the year shaping up for you?

For us, this is a busy time. The speed at which we need to move to share deals and distribute planners sometimes distracts us from our primary mission, helping you stay centered on Christ! What a wonderful time of year it is to recenter and connect with Him.

As you reflect and realign consider these resources from the Christian Planner Family: 

  • Our happiness team is there to answer your questions or address any concerns you may have. You can contact them at support@christianplanner.com. They love to hear from you and make sure you have the best experience possible. 
  • You can also ask any questions in the Christian Planner Family Facebook group, get ideas, and interact with others that are a part of the Family. You have amazing experiences and ideas and others love hearing about your experiences and seeing how you personalize your Christian Planner. If you aren't already in the group, you can join here
  • We go live Monday through Friday at 12 PM EST to do a daily devotional. We love seeing you there interacting and sharing your experiences with us. 
  • We also send out the daily devotional via email and post it to our blog, so you can go back and read all of the devotionals we have done in the past, should you ever need it. 

The right tools can be helpful in staying on track, maybe some of the following might be what you need to change up your approach to a Christ centered 2022:

We are currently running a special on the 2022 Christian Planners, it’s  Buy 2 Get 1 Free  or  20% off a single planner. You will also get a free box upgrade!

You can finish 2021 strong, and you can make 2022 even better because God is faithful. He is worthy of our trust. And with Him we can do all things!

We have a blessed holiday season!