Using Your Time with Christ

Using Your Time with Christ

With the New Year coming soon many of you are already planning out 2022, sitting down and writing out your goals, and how you are going to spend your time with Christ in the New Year.

We wanted to send you this quick email with some ways the Christian Planner Family gets in the mindset for planning and using their time with Christ. Some examples are: 

  • Always start with prayer for guidance
  • Praying and reviewing my last years goals, what I accomplished and what I didn't and then look at why I didn't accomplish those goals and how I can do better
  • I like to look through the Christian Planner group at the creative pages shared by others. I get so many ideas!
  •  I keep my planner open and on a tilted writing table so it’s always in view. I have a scrapbooking “box” handy that has stickers, stamps, and pens. Sunday afternoon is a great time to review my upcoming week and work in my planner. But, I also jot notes, several times per week, about things that have happened that I want to remember. I have used the weekly column on the left as a place to list the people I’ve sent cards/notes.
  • I mainly love to contemplate about the church service, then either draw it out or use stickers, and scriptures, as to how God moved. This planner brought back days gone by, where I, and later friends and I, made handcrafted things on Sunday afternoons.Good activities passed on to us by our mothers and grandmothers.
  • I pick a color theme for each month. I use a marker to trace over the lines with my color of the month on the weekly pages. I use these color clues so I know when the months change. As I am tracing all those lines I pray about what my vision board should be and look like. I also pray about what daily habits I want to start, improve, or resurrect. Let’s face it we all have habits that we drop but do make our days smoother if we do them. I also write in a daily Bible reading schedule so I can read the Bible in a year. This year I ordered some pockets to put on the inside covers. Then I made a spread sheet for our finances for the year and taped it in on a blank page. I try to write in an inspirational word, quote or Bible verse each day.
  • I spend my time with God when I first wake up. Cup of coffee, pens, markers, stickers, Bible Reading Plan, Verse Mapping Worksheet and my Bible Study if I choose that day. I have my whole 2022 planned out and will work to renew myself through the year. I use printables, my Prayer Journal and notebooks. I am not into a planner yet, still deciding. After more than 6 weeks, this is my favorite time of day.
  • I make it a weekend habit. I carve out an hour or two to work in my planner. I keep the decorating very simple - just a few stickers. I do love using colored pens and markers to color-code activities and journal ideas. I write a verse every day and may start color coding themes for grace, thanksgiving, love, etc. I also keep a book reading log and mark favorite books or authors. Love my planner!
  • When I look at all of the wonderful sayings and cute drawings, it encourages me to start in my planning. It makes me feel good to set a goal (meal plan) and not stress on how I am going to fix or do. I love color, so I use color to make me pay attention to my planner. Each item is in a different color. This catches my attention. I also love stickers with inspirational sayings. These help keep me going. Keeps me trudging on.
  • I have a dedicated place for planning and use a worship playlist. I start with stillness and prayer. All my stuff is already there and the space is so filled with peace and prayers, that it doesn’t feel like work or to do’s.
  • I do my weekly planning right after church. I write down my sermon notes and key things I want to remember during the week to keep me focused on God, then I decorate my weekend and week pages, then I wrote in my goals and appointments. Each morning I write a verse each day. Things that helped me…1) Start with church and God’s word, 2) Do it at the same time each day, 3) Use color and stickers or whatever inspired you, 4) make it fun, not a chore

Want to see even more examples? Check out this Facebook post! 

We would love to hear how you are preparing for the new year! If you haven’t got your 2022 Planner yet, now is the time so that you have it in time to plan for 2022!