His Counsel Keeps Us Steady

His Counsel Keeps Us Steady

Scripture can be the best prayers we say. This one is a perfect example of that. As we move through our days and plans we can whisper this verse aloud. We can also shout it in praise. “God make my ways steadfast in obeying you.” We need Him to help us stay the course. It is only with Him that we are able to persevere and sustain. In all the things we set out to do, our plan should always be to obey God and walk with Him in those plans. He is who keeps us steady through all that will come our way. We must remember that just because we set out with God does not mean the world will not still come against us. We need His strength to keep us steady so that we can overcome what the world throws at us. Let us use this simple verse to remind us, in a small whispered prayer or a loud shout of praise, to keep us in Him and His strength to continue progressing forward.

Oh, that my ways were steadfast in obeying your decrees!

Psalm 119:5 NIV

Guilt and shame can be heavy things that keep us down. The ways of the world are designed for us to feel guilt and shame far too often. When these emotions overwhelm us, we end up carrying them around senselessly. This is such a great reason why we should walk with God. He not only keeps us steady and on the path we desire, but when we walk with Him His ways will keep us from falling into regret. This regret is driven by the constant comparison of our life to others and the things around us. Instead we should compare our lives with His counsel. This will keep us seeking Him and will compel us to be freed from shame, because His righteousness is what guides us.

Then I would not be put to shame when I consider all your commands.

Psalm 119:6 NIV

Considerations for your planner:

  • How do you communicate with God each day? Write down the ways you reach out to Him.
  • Are you comparing your life to the world around you or to God’s counsel? Write down the things that drive the most regret in your life and seek God’s counsel in them.

A Story of Staying Steady:

God is a habit breaker. I had a cigarette habit for 18 plus years. I enjoyed smoking cigarettes. After years and years in the world as a backslider, I recommitted myself back to serving God and asked for His forgiveness. I started attending church again and developing a relationship with Jesus. Every Sunday when I would go to church, the word that was preached was so powerful and sharp that it would cut right through me and remind me of the proclivities that were still present in my life.

One Sunday after church when I arrived at home, I went into my bathroom and lit up a cigarette and I started smoking. I began to cry out to God and told him, "Help me with this nasty cigarette habit!!!! I love to smoke God but I know I can't serve you like this!" I cried and cried with the cigarette in my hand and I begged God to help me. That was the last day I smoked a cigarette.

I was instantly delivered that day. God heard my cries and saw how sincere I was right in the midst of my proclivity. 14 years later to the day, I'm free from the hold of nicotine. God took the desire away and since that day, I have never once thought of picking up another cigarette. I've been through tough times and stressful situations, and never did I once go and pick up a cigarette. Whom the son sets free is free indeed!!!! God will break every habit that hinders you from growth. Just give it to him and trust Him and I promise you, He will deliver you!!!!!

- Anonymous

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